What if You Could Make Stunning Animated Graphics by Editing One File? Now It Is Possible With Video Guides, It's Never Been Easier!

Tired of the boring old graphic packs you can find litered all around the internet? By now you probably have hundreds of button graphics, and thousands of icons. These are all great, but you need to stand out with your graphics and it's now possible with this hude all-new package.

ALL NEW Grab your readers attention in new effective ways!

The MDGraphicsPLR pack makes it easy for you choose a graphic you like, open it up in Photoshop and edit it, save it and then embed it on your web page. With Video Guide the process is explained and made super simple for you.

Effective Headlines

Choose & edit 20 styled headlines with sub-headline that pops up after 3 seconds to increase effectiveness and capture the readers interest immediately!

Animated Ribbons

Choose & edit 20 styled ribbon areas which included a professionaly styled ribbon graphic with headline and flashing text to attract readers.

Sliding Box

Choose & Edit 20 styled jQuery powered sliding boxes that are styled with HTML text included inside. Edit the text through simple .txt file!

Video Box

Choose & Edit 20 styled video boxes with your embeded videos and flashing graphics to increase the viewers of your videos easily!

Animated Buy Now

Choose & Edit 20 styled animated buy now boxes which include headline, icon graphics, timer and popup buy now button that can all be edited.

25 HTML Templates!

Choose & Edit 25 HTML templates perfect for anyone needing a place to add your graphics to sell your products!

All of the graphics included are super easy to edit, only use Web Safe fonts, so you won't need to download new fonts, or anything. Just open up, edit, overwrite image and embed. It's that simple!

Choose from 100 Graphics and Embed Them on 25 Premium HTML Templates!

The variety and ease of use you have instant access to will increase your conversions, and finally give you the graphics you need to spice up any web page, offer or even one of the included 25 premium templates.

View 20 Premium Headline Graphics

Our premium Headline graphics give you attractive headline graphics but also capture your readers attention by grabbing their attention by showing the sub-headline graphic after 3 seconds, to grab their eye again. It is an effective system that will prevent skimming as they will be immediately attracted to the sub-headline.

View 20 Premium Animated Ribbon Graphics

Our premium animated sliders are super effective in getting your readers attention with the flashing text and professional ribbon, can be used in all types of situations. Choose from all types of varieties, to find the one perfect for your web page, blog, sales page or even squeeze page.

View 20 Premium Sliding Box Graphics

Our premium sliding box graphics give you the ability to create animated sliding boxes with your custom content super easily for any web page, blog or sales page. Just edit the graphics, add your content and embed on your web site. It really is that easy, and these sliding boxes increase interativity on your website.

View 20 Premium Video Box Graphics

Our premium video graphics give your video the edge they need to really be clicked and watched. Stop using the boring grahics, use these with simple video embed, editing and publishing on any web page, blog or sales page. The animated text gives you the edge to increase your viewers.

View 20 Premium Animated Buy Now Graphics

Our premium animated buy now graphics give you unique ways to display your buy now graphics to your customers. Increase the conversion of your products by adding choosing one of these 20 buy now buttons and adding your URL with ease.

View 25 Premium HTML Templates Graphics

Our premium HTML templates give you the place to put all your newly created graphics if you don't already have a web site. Start creating new web pages easily, follow the video guides to embed graphics easily. Check some of our demos:

Blank Template

Click here for demo of the blank template with no content, or html formatting. Choose from 25 different styles.

With Graphics

Click here for demo of the template with graphics used from package. Add your graphics to templates just like in this demo.

25 HTML Templates!

Only our buyers get to use and see all templates! Get a small peak below, watch the video guide for help editing!

No Frustration or Effort Video Guides for Editing in Photoshop and How to Edit and How to Embed on Your Pages!

Save time and watch our quick "how-to" video right now to see how editing, and embeding graphics really is! Once you are done watching this video, download your copy now and start editing graphics today!

Download Your Copy Now Only $17

P.S. These are not your cookie-cutter graphics that you will find placed all over the web, these are new powerful ways to create interest in your sales copy. Stand out from the crowd and use the all-new MDGraphicsPLR package today and it WILL make a difference on your conversions!